My Go-To craft supplies

Hello There! and welcome to a blog post about my Go-To craft supplies for my cardmaking.

Hello there! And welcome to my To-Go craft supplies for my card making

All crafters have their must have supplies which they grab basically every time they craft. I have them too and i will let you show mine here. Do remember these are my Go-To craft supplies, maybe you don’t like them or have other supplies.

But lets have a look

The first thing i really use alot is my Fiskars Surecut paper trimmer €39,95  It just gives that nice traight cut that i hardly get with my scissors. 

Then i really love my Rayher quilling pen €3,25                                                                                  I Use this a-lot! It helps me push out the cardstock from my dies. The needle point can enter any small holes so that is very handy. I have no problem that the needle press through my cardstock but i always am aware of that. I use it too to possition my sequins or any small embelishments.

For gleuing i use Cre- Ation Tacky Glue €0,99                                                                                This glue (from Action store) doesn’t dry super fast (so i can wiggly the paper around when i am stacking them and that is a must for me) but when it is dry it is transparant and it sticks perfect.

And i put my glue in my Needle tip applicator bottle €0,30                                                            Thats my 100ml squeezy, plastic, needle-tip applicator bottle. Here i fill my tacky glue in. It is just super handy especially to glue small surfaces

Another glue-ish bottle standing in my reach is my Ranger Glossy Accents €7,25                              I have the 59ml bottle. I glue my embelishmets with it and use it to give things a glossy look

On my workspace i have my Cutting Mat €4,95                                                                                    I use this cheap one from Action because i can be very messy and i dont have to worry about it this way. I can buy a new one when needed.

Underneath this cutting mat i have my Teflon mat €10,00 (i think it was)                                             I use this when i am using my inks and watercolor products. I so love this because i can clatter hahaha and clean it with just a whipe!

And that makes me come to my next go-to BabyBee wipes  €0,99                                                      I use these ones for cleaning up everything! If i have stuff that is greasy i use some washing up liquid on the wipe and it will clean up that too. But why these ones? Because of my nose hahaha. I smell way to much and with these baby wipes you hardly smell the lotion and that is a big plus for me haha.

I have the Westcott T-square ruler €4,00                                                                                            It’s a transparant plastic t ruler with measurments in inches and metric. Use this alot to line up sentiment strips on my cards.

For fast stamping i have Action Acrylicblock €free                                                                               It  was included with stamp sets from the Action store.This is easy to grab and for easy stamping, especially with Versafine black ink, it is a good product.

For perfect stamping i have the Tonic Studios Tim Holtz Stamp Platform €32,99                               I choose this one instead of the Misti back then because of the price. But i have to say i would want the Misti. This platform Works really great too but i think for lining cardstock up the misti looks more easy-using for me.

I have a Faber Castell H2 grey pencil €1,25  and Staedtler rasoplast eraser €0,85                             I use the h numbers instead of the hb numbers because i can erase them better.

And very importent for me my die cutting machine Double Do XL €69,95                                             Why i have this one? Because a couple of years ago when i wanted to start to get dies i saw this in a store in my town with discount. That is basically why i have this one and it works perfect for me. Never had problems with it. The supplies are easy to buy for me too because i can easy get it in the Netherlands

My tiny Scissors €0,99                                                                                                                Always handy to have these for fuzzy cutting stamped images.

My Nuvo Aqua Shimmer Glitter Gloss marker €3,50                                                                             I use this alot on my projects to give that amazing shiny look

I also have in reach my Versafine Onyx black ink €6,95                                                                      It just stamps that perfect deep black look.

I have a Woodware Embossing Magic Anti-Static Pad €5,95                                                         This tool is super handy to use before you go heat-embossing. You get a cleaner embossing print. And it makes sticky layers non-sticky.

For my heating tool i have Embossing Heat Tool EU – Nellie’s Choice €24,95 A heat tool is just needed to heat emboss. A hairdryer does not work like this tool, i have tried hahaha.

In reach i have my purple Verlofix Masking Tape – Sensitive €0,95                                                      I use this alot for all purposes like taping my dies on the paper before i run it through my cutting machine. This tape does not tear my paper apart.