On this blog i share my handmade cards and let you take a peek in how i make them

But, it is always nice to read something about the maker right?!

My name is Debby and i live in the Netherlands in a small town called Emmeloord. I happily live there with my family: My husband Sjoerd, he is 39 and a few days younger! than me. My four kids… Justin (15), Anouk (3) and Sara (3) twins! We have a son Steven but ” An angel wrote in the book of life my baby’s date of birth, then whispered as she closed the book *To beautiful for earth* We all take care of a cute Maine Coon cat called Lizz

When i graduated from high school i became a graphic designer student. i did this for one year, altho i loved it, i was sure back then i needed a school switch. I wanted to work as a social worker in the mental health care. That is what i did. I graduated and worked for years as a social worker, but i never stopped beeïng creative.

Then my family needed me more and i made the decision to become a-stay-at-home-mom. In a rough period in our lives i went more and more into cardmaking. It was getting therapeutic for me and i started to love it alot! I watched youtube video’s (tfs them!) to become familiar with all kind of techniques that you can apply in the art of cardmaking.

A while ago i started my creative page on Instagram and i was blown away with this community…so much love! Now it is time for me to take it one step further. So…here we are now on my own blog! And this is all made by me

I hope to inspire you!

And many thanks for stopping by


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  1. Diederick Kloppenburg

    Oei …. die Sjoerd, en de kids hebben het wel getroffen !!

    Hallo en goedemorgen Debby, en dan nu maar even iets concreets wat Sjoerd me vroeg via WhatsApp. Die spullen waar bestellen of ophalen, USA-wide of specifiek ergens.

    Ik reis volgende week woensdag 26-2 naar Vancouver Canada-BC en direct door naar Seatlle USA-WA en qua business rondom Pasco-Tri-Cities. Terugreis 9-3 en deze keer in principe alleen handbagage. Lat eens weten welke spullen in welk aantal/waarde e.d. zou ik kunnen meenemen.

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